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Caraquiz - Guadalajara - Spain      (40º 48' N  ---  3º 30' W)

          Nowadays astrophotography has an important role in astronomical research and, in this sense, it has displaced the direct observation through the telescope. With it the detection of objects invisible to the human eye is possible, and it allows rendering, in a permanent way, the details that can be systematically analyzed later. The moon was the first astrophotography target in 1840. Since then the improvement has been exponential, especially since the first CCDs. Great advances in the comprehension of the Cosmos have been done using the pictures taken by the Hubble telescope, in orbit around the Earth.
       Although astrophotography was born to improve the astronomical research, the current technological advances allow amateur astronomers, with modest equipments, to take better pictures than the big astronomical installations were able to take some years ago. This allows the artistic aspect of the astrophotography, that is, to render in a beautiful way the objects of the universe. This is more or less the objective of this page. It does not try to be very scientific but it presents the pictures that I take in my free time, when I am allowed by the clouds and my family.
             Welcome to this astrophotography page. I hope you will enjoy it.
             Antonio Pérez.                                                                                                                               <aperez@fi.upm.es>

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