M20. The Triffid Nebula
Diffuse nebula (emission and reflection) in Sagittarius

This nebula, that is famous for its three-lobed appearance, is composed of an emission nebula (red) and a reflection nebula (blue). The first one contains a cluster of young stars.
Distance to earth: 5,200 light years
Visual Magnitude: 9.0
More information:
Messier index. M20

Full resolution image

Date and location
8 to 26-ago-2014. Caraquiz, Madrid
Telescope ASA N10 F=906mm on ASA DDM85 mount. No autoguide
Camera FLI ML16803.  Hutech IDAS LPS, RGB and H-alfa Baader filters
Image processing
H: 100x300s, L: 36x300s, RGB: 12x300s. Processed with Pixinsight

Date and location
16-jul-2005. Caraquiz, Madrid
Telescope Megrez II 80 ED, f=560mm. Autoguide with LX200, Toucam and guidedog
Camera Artemis 285.  Hutech IDAS LPS filter.
Image processing
H-alfa: 8x300s, L: 10x300s, RGB: 3x300s, stacked and RGB with Aip4win. HLRGB and final process with Adobe Photoshop.

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