NGC7000 and IC5070. The North
American and the Pelican Nebulaes
Emission nebulaes in Sagitarius
The picture shows a nebular complex in the constellation of Sagitarius that includes the Lagoon nebula, the Trifid nebula and the less known  NGC6559.  The three nebulaes are interestellar clouds of ionised hidrogene (H-alpha region).
Distance to Earth:  5.200 light years.

Crop of  M8              Crop of  M20 y M21          Crop of  NGC6559         Complete image (overprocessed?)

Date and location
8-aug-2007. Caraquiz, Madrid
Telescope MegrezI II 80ED. Autoguide with Guidemaster, Toucam SC3 and LX200R
Camera Artemis11002.  0.7 focal reducer
Image processing
H-alpha: 7x900s, stacked with AIP4WIN  and processed with PixInsight LE.

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