Diffuse nebula in  Vulpecula.
This picture shows an area of the Milky Way on the constellation of Vulpecula. Raughly at the center of the image the NGC6820 nebula can be appreciated. It is a very faint cloud of ionized hydrogen gas and dust containing a prominent pillar and dark globules. This active star birth region is located approximately 6000 light years from earth. Embedded within the nebula is open star cluster NGC 6823, a relatively
young 2 million year old grouping of young, hot stars whose intense UV radiation is carving out the intricate structure seen in the surrounding nebula.

To the left center the Dumbell nebula (M27) can be seen and the nebula IC1305 can be appreciated in the upper part of the picture.

Date and location
22-aug-2006. Caraquiz, Madrid
Telescope 50mm Zuiko lens  f1.8 @ f4.0. Autoguide with Guidedog, Toucam SC3 and LX200R
Camera Artemis285.
Image processing
H-alpha: 9x600s; L: 8x300s; RGB: 5x300s, stacked with Cadet, histograms, HLHRGB and processing with PixInsight LE.

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