DWB111. La Nebulosa de la Hélice
Nebulosa de emisión en la constelación del Cisne

Also known as Simeis 57, this nebula is part of a much larger ionized hidrogen cloud. Its shape, as can be seen at the middle of the image, sugest a propeller. The origin of this peculiar structure is still totally unknown and its distance to Earth as well as its excitation source are also undetermined.

Date and location 14-jul-2011. Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescope ASA N10 (f=906mm)  on ASA DDM85 mount. No autoguiding
Camera FLI Microline 11002. Baader H-alpha 7nm  filter
Image processing H-alfa: 22x900s, stacked and processed with Pixinsight

Visits sice september 14th, 2004:   Contador