VHDL Advanced Microprocessor Optimized Simulation


  • Technical: parallel architecture, event simulation, compilers, shared memory, threads
  • User : hardware designers
  • Industrial application : VHDL simulator


    VAMOS targets the development of a high performance multithreaded VHDL simulator that takes advantage of the availability of multiprocessor hardware and software platforms, in order to deliver simulation performances that can be scaled with the needs, and therefore expand the use of VHDL from circuit to system design. Such a development would enable an integrated hardware/software co-design methodology supported on the VHDL language and will produce market benefits by enabling system designers to directly control the electronics system development process.

    The project aims at putting the results on the market through commercial software vendors. Negotiation of agreements has been started by TGI in order to plan the productization of the results.




    Contact points:

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    E-mail: olcoz@tgi.es  
    Margarita Martínez
    Facultad de Informática
    Campus de Montegancedo
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    Last update July 30, 1996