LMC. The Large Magellanic Cloud
Irregular galaxy in Dorado
It is a dwarf irregular galaxy orbiting arround the Milky Way, and it is a member of our "local group". It is 179.000  light years away from Earth and was considered the closer external galaxy until 1994 that the dwarf galaxy of Sagitarius was discovered.

The Persian astronomer Al Sufi mentions it for the first time in 948 AC, but Magellan  brought it to the european knowledge in 1519.

Date and location 2-feb-2009.  Moorook, Australia   (GRAS)
Telescope Takahashi FSQ106, FL=530mm. on Paramount mount
Camera SBIG STL 11000
Image processing
RGB: 4x600s bin1x1; stacked with AIP4WIN and processed with Pixinsight

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