Emmision nebula in Cygnus

SH2-119 or Sharpless 119 is a nebular complex in Cygnus, pretty near the North american nebula. Towards the centre of the image the star 68 Cygni can be appreciated. This nebula, catalogued by S. Sharpless in its "Catalog of HII regions" contains several dark dust globules

Distance from Earth:
1.300 light years

Date and location 28-aug-2009.  Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescope ASA N10 (FL=906mm) on Titan mount. Autoguide with Guidemaster, QHY6 and  Miniborg50
Camera Artemis11002.  H-alfa and RGB Baader filters
Image processing
H-alfa: 21x900s; RGB: 5x300s, stacked and processed with Pixinsight

Visits from september 14th, 2004:   Contador