IC5068. Pelican Nebula (south)
Emission Nebula in Cygnus
This nebula is part of a nebular complex located at the Cygnus constellation and it is very close to the North American nebula (NGC7000and the Pelican nebula (IC5070). A panoramic of the area can be seen here. IC5068 is located in the lower part of that picture, below the pelican.
Distance to Earth:
2000 light years.
Visual magnitude: 8.

Date and location 29-ago-2006. Caraquiz, Madrid
Telescope Megrez II 80ED, f=560mm. Focal reducer 0,7. Autoguíde with Guidedog, Toucam SC3 and LX200R
Camera Artemis285. IDAS LPS Hutech filter, with IR cut
Image processing
H-alpha: 11x600s; LRGB:5x180s. Images stacked  with AIP4WIN.  LRGB. Histograms, HLHRGB and process with Pixinsight LE

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