M13. The Great Hercules Cluster
Globular Cluster in Hercules

Discovered by Edmond Halley en 1714, it is one of the most prominent and best known globular of the northern celestial hemisphere. Contains several hundreds thousands stars.
Distance to earth: 25,100 light years
Visual Magnitude: 5.8

More information: Messier index. M13

Full picture

Date and location 8 , 9-may-2011. Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescope ASA N10  f=1690mm on ASA DDM85 mount. No autoguiding
Camera Artemis11002. RGB baader filters. 1,8 ASA Barlow
Image processing
R: 16x300s, GB: 24x300s stacked and processed with Pixinsight.

Date and location 06-oct-2007. Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescope LX200R,  f=2000mm. Autoguíde with Guidemaster, Toucam SC3 and MiniBorg50
Camera Artemis11002. IDAS LPS Hutech filter, with IR cut
Image processing
L: 10x180s; RGB:5x180s. Images stacked with AIP4WIN.  Process  with Pixinsight

Date and location 11-ago-2005. Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescope LX200GPS,  f=2000mm. Focal reducer 0,74. Autoguíde with Toucam and Megrez II 80ED ( barlow x 3)
Camera Artemis285. IDAS LPS Hutech filter, with IR cut
Image processing
L: 11x60s; RGB:3x60s. Images stacked and RGB composition with AIP4WIN.  LRGB  with Adobe Photoshop. Filter with Pixinsight

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