Globular cluster in Pegasus

This is the densest globular cluster of the galaxy that has undergone a process of contraction called "core collapse" and it is supposed to contain a supermassive object (maybe a black hole?).
Distance to earth: 33,600 light years
Visual Magnitude: 6.2
More information:
Messier index. M15

Date and location 11-ago-2005. Caraquiz, Madrid
Telescope LX200GPS,  f=2000mm. Focal reducer 0,74. Autoguíde with Toucam and Megrez II 80ED ( barlow x 3)
Camera Artemis285. IDAS LPS Hutech filter, with IR cut
Image processing
L: 10x60s; RGB:3x60s. Images stacked and RGB composition with AIP4WIN.  LRGB  with Adobe Photoshop. Filter with Pixinsight

Previous images of  M15

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