M6. The Butterfly Cluster
Open cluster in Scorpius

Open cluster whose arrangement suggest the outline of a butterfly with open wings.
Distance to earth: 1,600 light years
Visual Magnitude: 4.2
More information:
Messier index. M6

Date and location 29-jun-2013. Caraquiz, Madrid
Telescope ASA N10, f=906mm  on ASA DDM85 mount.
Camera FLI ML16803.  IDAS LPS, RGB Baader filters
Image Processing L: 18x30s, RGB: 7x30s. Processed with Pixinsight

Date and location 28-jun-2003. Madrid, Spain
Telescope 8" Meade LX200GPS, f=2000mm, alt-az.
Camera Webcam Philips Toucam Pro SC. Focal reducer 0.4
Image Processing 5x30s images de-rotated, stacked and processed with AIP4WIN.

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