M81-M82. The Bode and Cigar Galaxies
Spiral and irregular galaxies in Ursa Mayor

The Bode galaxy, M81 is the brightest one in its group and it is pretty close to the Cigar galaxy, M82. Some 50 million years ago there was a close encounter between both galaxies. M81, much more massive, dramatically deformed M82 by gravitational interaction, strengthening its own spiral structure.
In the shown field also the IFN (integrated flux nebula) can be seen. IFN is formed by dust clouds illuminated by the integrated light of all the stars in the galaxy.

Distance to earth: 12,000,000 light years
Aparent magnitude: 6.9 and 8.4 respectively

Full resolution image

Date and location March-june, 2015. Caraquiz, Guadalajara.
Telescopie ASA N10, FL= 906mm sobre montura ASA DDM85. No autoguide
Camera FLI ML16803. Hutech  IDAS LPS and Baader  RGB filters
Image processing
L:900x300s, RGB: 60x300s. process with  PixInsight. 

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