M81. The Bode's Galaxy
Spiral galaxy in Ursa Mayor

The Bode galaxy is the brightest one of its group. Some 50 millions years ago a close encounter between m81 and m82 took place. M82 resulted dramatically deformed and m81, much more massive, reinforced its spiral structure.
Distance to earth: 12,000,000 light years
Visual Magnitude: 6.9
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Messier index. M81

Image at 75% resolution

Date and location feb-mar-2019. Caraquiz, Guadalajara.
GSO RC12 Truss, f=2450mm on  ASA  DDM85 mount. No autoguide
Camera Moravian G3 16200. Hutech IDAS LPS and RGB Baader filters.
Image processing
L: 450x300s, R: 220x300s, G: 180x300s, B: 260x300s
Calibratión, stack and initial processing with PixInsight  (A. Pérez)
Final processing with Photoshop (M.A. García Borrella). 

Previous processing

Date and location 9-feb-2008. Caraquiz, Guadalajara.
Telescopie 8" Meade LX200R, f=2000mm. Autoguide with Miniborg50, Luna0.4 and Guidemaster.
Camera Artemis11002. Hutech IDAS LPS filter.
Image processing
L: 32x600s, stacked with AIP4WIN. Process with PixInsight.  

Luminance image

Date and location 30-apr-2006. Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescopie 8" Meade LX200GPS, f=2000mm. Autoguide with Megrez II 80ED f=570mm, Toucam SC3 and Guidemaster.
Camera Artemis285. 0,7x focal reducer. Hutech IDAS LPS filter.
Image processing
L: 11x600s bin 1x1, RGB: 5x180s bin 2x2, stacked with CADET. Histogram, RGB and noise reduction with PixInsight.  HLRGB and final process with Adobe Photoshop.

Previous images of M81

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