Globular cluster in Hercules

This globular cluster is a little bit more distant and a little bit younger than its aparent neighbor M13. It is an explendid object visible to the naked eye under good conditions.
Distance to earth: 26,000 light years
Visual Magnitude: 6.4
More information:
Messier index. M92

Date and location 10-may-2011. Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescope ASA N10, f=1690mm on ASA DDM85 mount
Camera Artemis 11002 RGB Baader filters. ASA 1,8 barrlow
Image Processing R: 6x300s, GB: 12x300s, stacked and processed with Pixinsight

Date and location 24-aug-2004. Caraquiz, Madrid. Spain
Telescope 8" Meade LX200GPS, f=2000mm, Equatorial
Camera 1004X JG. Focal reducer 0,45. LRGB. Hutec IDAS LPS filter.
Image Processing L: 30x8s, RG: 13x8s, B: 13x4s, stacked with CADET. color composition with CADET. LRGB and final process with Adobe photoshop.

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