NGC4565. The Needle Galaxy
Edge on spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices

This galaxy, known as the needle due to its narrow profile, is a member of the Coma I galaxy cloud and is considered as the besst example of edge on spiral galaxy. A thick dark line of dust and gas obscures the lumoinosity of its core. The dust lanes can also be appreciated in the spiral arms. It is similar to our Milky way, with a size of 100.000 light years. It is 31.000.000 light years away from Earth and has a visual magnitude of  9,6. More information can be found at: Indice NGC. NGC4565

100% cropped detail

Date and location 26-apr-2008. Caraquiz, Madrid
Telescope 8" Meade LX200R, f=2000mm on Titan mount. Autoguide with Miniborg50, Luna0.4 and Guidemaster.
Camera Artemis11002. Hutech IDAS LPS filter. Astronomik RGB filters
Image processing L: 16x900s bin 1x1,  RGB: 7x300 bin 2x2 stacked with AIP4WIN. Process with  Pixinsight

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