NGC6888. The Crescent nebula
Diffuse nebula in Cygnus

It is a quickly expanding gas cloud around a dying star. This star started to eject the material of its external layers some 250,000 years ago.
Distance to earth: 2,600 light years
Visual Magnitude: 6.8


Full resolution image

Detail of the "Soap bubble" PNG75.5+1.7 HSHO


Full resolution image

Detail of the "Soap Bubble" PNG75.5+1.7 HOO

Date and location 21-sep-2013. Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescope ASA N10 on ASA DDM85 mount. No autoguide
Camera FLI ML16803. Halpha, SII, OIII Baader filters
Image processing
H-alfa: 160x600s; SO: 1200x600s. Procesed with Pixinsight

Cropped detail at 100%

Date and location 1-sep-2007. Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescope LX200R 8" on Titan mount. Autoguíde with Toucam SC3 and Megrez II 80ED
Camera Artemis11002. 0.78 focal reducer
Image processing
H-alfa: 16x900s; RGB: 5x180s bin 2x2. Images stacked with AIP4WIN.  HRGB  and process with Pixinsight

Date and location 6-ago-2005. Caraquiz, Madrid
Telescope Megrez II 80ED, f=560mm. Autoguíde with Toucam and LX200GPS
Camera Artemis285. IDAS LPS Hutech filter, with IR cut
Image processing
L: 6x300s; H-alfa: 6x300s; RGB: 2x300s. Images stacked and RGB composition with AIP4WIN.  LRGB  with Adobe Photoshop. Filter with Pixinsight

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