Reflection nebula in Cygnus. 

Placed to the north of  IC1318,  NGC6914 is a reflection nebula surrounded by a huge H-alpha region (LBN47) that is part or the Gamma Cygni nebular complex. Up and down NGC9914 are other two reflection nebula: VDB132 and VDB133.
Distance from Earth:  
1.550 light years.

Date and location 2 a 10-oct-2009. Caraquiz, Guadalajara. Remote control from Madrid
Telescope ASA N10 on Titan mount. Autoguide with Guidemaster, QHY6 and Miniborg50
Camera Artemis11002. Baader 7nm H-alpha filter.
Image processing
H-alfa: 60x900s. Process with Pixinsight 

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