W63 (G82.2+5,3)
Supernova remnant in Cygnus. 
W63 (G82.2+5,3) is a large supernova remnant that can be observed in the north region of Cygnus. It expands over more than 80 arcminutes and its filaments are expanding at speed ranging from 35 to 70 km/s. In 2004 the existence in this supernova remnant of an X-ray pulsar with 36 secons period was reported.

Distance to earth: 5,200 light years

Full resolution image

Date and location 21-ago-2013. Caraquiz, Guadalajara
Telescope ASA N10, f=906mm on  ASA DDM85 mount. No autoguiding
Camera FLI ML16803. H-alpha, SII and OIII  Baader filters
Image processing
H-alfa: 120x600s, SII y OIII: 30x600. Processed with PixInsight .

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