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Selected Conference Publications

  • Boosting Knowledge Graph Generation from Tabular Data with RML Views, European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) 2023
  • Machine Learning-based Query Augmentation for SPARQL Endpoints, WEBIST 2018, Best Student Paper Award (Article in pdf)
  • KerA: Scalable Data Ingestion for Stream Processing, ICDCS 2018 (Article in pdf)
  • SLoG: A Large-Scale Logging Middleware for HPC and Big Data Convergence, ICDCS 2018 (Article in pdf)
  • TyrFS: Increasing Small Files Access Performance with Dynamic Metadata Replication, CCGrid 2018 (Article in pdf)
  • Predicting Access to Persistent Objects through Static Code Analysis, ADBIS 2017 (Article in pdf)
  • Tyr: Blob Storage Systems Meet Built-In Transactions, SC 2016 (Article in pdf)
  • Spark versus Flink: Understanding Performance in Big Data Analytics Frameworks, IEEE Cluster 2016 (Article in pdf)
  • Diarchy: An Optimized Management Approach for MapReduce Masters, ICCS 2015 (Article in pdf)
  • Leveraging Semantics to Improve Reproducibility in Scientific Workflows, Reproducibility@XSEDE 2014 (Article in pdf)
  • Consistency in the Cloud: When Money Does Matter!, IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2013 (Article in pdf)
  • Harmony: Towards Automated Self-Adaptive Consistency in Cloud Storage, IEEE Cluster 2012 (Article in pdf)
  • A semantic scheduler architecture for federated hybrid clouds, IEEE Cloud 2012 (Article in pdf)
  • Grid Global Behavior Prediction, IEEE CCGrid 2011 (Article in pdf)
  • Using Global Behavior Modeling to Improve QoS in Cloud Data Storage Services, IEEE CloudCom 2010 (Article in pdf)
  • Improving grid fault tolerance by means of global behavior modeling, ISPDC 2010 (Article in pdf)
  • A Semantic Data Grid for Satellite Mission Quality Analysis, ISWC 2008 (Article in pdf)
  • Complex Data-Intensive Systems and Semantic Grid: Applications in Satellite Missions, IEEE eScience 2006 (Article in pdf)
  • AMBLE: An Awareness model for balancing the load in collaborative grid environments, IEEE/ACM Grid Computing 2006 (Article in pdf)
  • ODEGSG Framework, Knowledge-based Annotation and Design of Grid Services, ICSOC 2005 (Article in pdf)
  • Cooperation Model of a Multiagent Parallel File System for Clusters, IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2004 (Article in pdf)

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